District 2

Among the most diverse communities in Oakland, District 2 is a rich melting-pot of cultural diversity and neighborhoods.

  • Neighborhoods Include:
  • Bella Vista
  • Chinatown
  • Crocker Highlands
  • Eastlake
  • Grandlake
  • Haddon Hill
  • Rose Garden
  • San Antonio

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  • "Jennifer Pae has been a community organizer who will represent the views of the residents of District 2 on the Oakland City Council."

  • Keith Carson
  • Alameda County Board of Supervisors, Fifth District

  • “We need more Asian Americans leaders like Jennifer Pae involved in local government. She understands the needs of our diverse communities and has the vision and experience to move things forward.”

  • Fiona Ma
  • Assembly Member, Speaker Pro Tempore